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Barbara Root

Artwork by Barbara Root



42.50" W x 27.25" L

This wall hanging was constructed in the fall of 2019 as a surprise Christmas gift for my wonderful husgand, Gary.  Materials:  cotton fabrics, needlepunch batting, various threads, and sheers for the splashing water.  Images were sketched  from an art card by Dave Hutchison, with his permission.  

The following was the explanation as told by Gary Root:   "While waiting for the prawn traps to fill we cruised around small islands.  (near Chemainus, in the Salish Sea).  As the sun was about to rise we could see outlines of the Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, Grand Fir and the bare Big Leaf Maples on the islands.  Suddenly, in the distance, a water spout caught our eyes.  Seconda later we spotted a small pod of Orcas playing in the water.  What a thrill to sit quietly and observe these giants of the sea."