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Chromatopia is a FAN exhibition inspired by Picasso’s monochromatic works in his blue period. Each artist was challenged to explore their own individual theme through the creation of two monochromatic textile artworks using two assigned colour hues.

The exhibition visually explores the colour spectrum while preserving the unique individualistic style of each artist. Each set of 2 pieces (which will be hung in columns of 2), are textile/fibre pieces that reflect a unique theme of the individual artist depicted through two distinct monochromatic colour schemes. Each work is a 12” x 12” x ½” monochromatic canvas-wrapped textile/fibre piece. Pieces move through the spectrum in one direction on top and the reverse on the bottom. Together the exhibition will visually impact the viewer by the representation of the colour spectrum through both the upper level artworks and the lower. The viewer will be drawn to the distinct themes explored by each individual artist while supporting the inclusivity of the spectrum.

This Exhibit is available in venues from June 2021 until June 2024.