Close used as an adjective or adverb has the following meanings:

close adjective (CAREFUL) – giving your full attention to something so that you notice its details:

close adjectiveadverb [-er/-est only] (NEAR) – near in positiontime, or condition:

close adjective (CONNECTED) [ -er/-est only ] – connected  or involved in strong relationship with someone

When you look at something or someone with your full attention you notice things that you might not have seen before, or you may see it in a different way.   What is it that makes you want to get UP CLOSE?  What do you see/hear/feel when you look at something UP CLOSE?  Look at a leaf, a rock, a face or your wood furniture, or try using a microscope or binoculars.  During the pandemic we were encouraged to stay apart – now at least we can be close to others, although still with limits.  Whether it is detail, nearness or connection, UP CLOSE is a unique and individual perspective.  Artists were invited to express any aspect of what UP CLOSE means or looks like to them.

This exhibit is designed to be loaned to quilt guilds and small venues such as libraries and is available for booking May 2023 through May 2026.  All artworks are displayed on mat boards that include the artist’s name and an artist statement. For more information about booking please contact FAN’s Exhibition Coordinator at