"GeoPhysical", pays tribute to geology, and the scenic and economic riches it provides to western Canada. FAN members were challenged to interpret, in cloth and thread, "the earth and the forces that shape it" without reference to subjects man-made or currently living.
Only pieces relevant to this theme were accepted, and the exhibition was widely praised both for its cohesiveness and for the variety of subjects chosen and techniques employed as artists expressed their own interpretations of the theme.
The 46 fibre art pieces by 39 artists were seen by more than 5,000 visitors during the 2010 convention of the Canadian Quilters™ Association in Calgary, Alberta.

Artwork from GeoPhysical

50 Million Years Ago



Coastal Curtains

Drop Fault

Earth Secrets


Earthquake #2

Echoes of Infrared


Exposed Rock, Lac La Ronge

Fault Line

Fault LInes

Fire and Ashes #2

Fire and Darkness


Forces of Nature I - Lightning

Forces of Nature II - Flowing

Forces of Nature III - Erupting

Fractured Ice

Frank Slide


Hornby Island Shoreline

Imminent Storm

Incubator of the Stars


Just a Stone's Throw Away

Lava Flow

Layers of Creation

Lines and Layers

Magnus Oleum (Big Oil)

Merlot 2009

Mountain Building to the East

Rock Fall

Rock Formations

Rock Hard


Sea Floor Spreading Centre

Searching for Diamonds


The Beauty Within

The Pressures of Time

Tidal Pools at White Rock

Undulating Elements

What Lies Beneath

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