Art is an individual creative expression. An on-going discussion in art is to define representational art, abstract art, and non-representational art.
The 'Abstracted' exhibition by the Fibre Art Network from Western Canada will explore the concepts of realistic and abstract art. Pairs of artists will illustrate their subject - one in a representative fibre art piece and one in a abstract / non-representative fibre art piece. The art world has many opinions concerning he development of an image/theme from realistic to one that illustrates the essence of that subject in an abstract, or in a non representative way. As you view the pairs of art work, you will see a continuum with commonalities and differences in how the subject has been handled.
This show toured from October 2013 until September 2015.

Artwork from Abstracted

Arbutus 1
By Sara Judith

Arbutus 2
By Pippa Moore

Barcelona Fruit Stand 1
By Judy Leslie

Barcelona Fruit Stand 2
By Robin Fischer

Chooutla 1
By Diana Bartelings

Chooutla 2
By Cathie King

Colours To Live By 1
By Marianne Parsons

Colours to Live By 2
By Karen Johnson

Dahlia 1
By Thelma Newbury

Dahlia 2
By Katie Stein Sather

Erosion 1
By Dale MacEwan

Erosion 2
By Debbie Caseburg Tyson

Fifties Flare 1
By Valerie Wilson

Fifties Flare 2
By Brandy Lynn Maslowski

Forest Surprise 1
By Diane Duncan

Forest Surprise 2
By Judi MacLeod

Glenn Gould 1
By Jenny Perry

Glenn Gould 2
By Victoria Gray

Great Blue 1
By Judy Weiss

Great Blue 2
By Sharon Rubuliak

Hawaiian Beauty 1
By Leslie Forbes

Hawaiian Beauty 2
By Vivian Kapusta

Hiking in the Rockies 1
By Joyce Brown

Hiking in the Rockies 2
By Linda MacKay

Ichthylic Biosphere 1
By Judith Panson

Ichthylic Biosphere 2
By Kathleen Hamann Buckoski

Keji Sunset 1
By Thelma Newbury

Keji Sunset 2
By Katie Stein Sather

Master of the Skies 1
By Carol Seeley

Master of the Skies 2
By Judy Villett

Milkweed 1
By Marianne Parsons

Milkweed 2
By Marianne Parsons

Milkweed Pods 1
By Holly Hildebrand

Milkweed Pods 2
By Kathy Dill

Okanagan Landscape 1
By Coleen Adderley

Okanagan Landscape 2
By Maureen Carefoot

Portal 1
By Lilly Thorne

Portal 2
By Patt Wilson

Solitude 1
By Terry Aske

Solitude 2
By Anne de Verteuil

Strong, Calm and Fearless 1
By Donna Bray-Zakreski

Strong, Calm and Fearless 2
By Marianne Parsons

Sunrise Sunset 1
By Coreen Zerr

Sunrise Sunset 2
By Paulette Cornish

Trees and Roots 1
By Kristin Miller

Trees and Roots 2
By Janet Bednarczyk

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