CONVERSATIONS is a FAN exhibit of mixed media fibre art based upon a conversation with a partner. The idea is that you and your partner will engage in a conversation about the work to be produced. This can be done face-to-face, phone call, email or any other way.

Each piece must fit the dimensions 10" - 16" width and 16" - 35" length (interchangeable orientation).

This exhibit was on tour from May 2018 until March 2019.

Artwork from Conversations

A Life Formula: Keep Calm
By Katie Stein Sather

A Life Formula: Paddle On
By Karlie McChesney

Bee: To Make a Prairie
By Helen Knockaert

Centreing: Opening to a Calm Space
By Margie Davidson

Centreing: Seeking Stillness
By Janet Bednarczyk

Chaos: Comfort and Catastrophe
By Cathie Ugrin

Chaos: Constant Inconsistances
By Willy Carleton

Coffee: Anytime
By Michele Craigen

Coffee:10 a.m.
By Jaynie Himsl

Conversations: Past
By Susan Selby

Conversations: Present
By Cathie King

Diversity: The Land
By Susan Greenwell

Diversity: The People
By Elaine Filyk

Etymology: AWE, the Root of Awesome
By Christina Thomas

Etymology: Store High In Transit
By Joyce Brown

Food: Dying to Eat
By Alison Dean Cowitz

Food: Eating to Live
By Marie McEachern

If Chairs Could Talk:
By Linda MacKay

If Chairs Could Talk:
By Yvonne Bilan-Wallace

Jack: Conversations with Myself - the Early Years
By Anne de Verteuil

Jack: Conversations with Myself - the Later Years
By Terry Aske

Kanji: Bird of Happiness
By Vivian Kapusta

Kanji: Spiritual Enlightenment
By Leslie Forbes

Leaves in Transition: Free Fall
By Linda Mushka

Leaves in Transition: Stamped
By Kathy Dill

Our Rivers: Remains of a Bygone Era
By Emilie Belak

Our Rivers: Seasonal Reflections on the Kettle River
By Diana Bartelings

Paris, je t‘aime: Les Artistes de Montmartre
By Jenny Perry

Paris, je t‘aime: Les Cafés de Paris
By Victoria Gray

Places: Bench by the Lake
By Yvonne Carlson

Places: Chairs on the Bank
By Marj Moore

Provincial Conversations: Mountainous Province
By Thelma Newbury

Provincial Conversations: The Keystone Province
By Judith Panson

Silent Murmurs: Family Ties
By Kristin Miller

Silent Murmurs: Mother and Daughters
By Terry Phillips

Symbiosis: Accretion
By Janet Harper

Symbiosis: Convergence
By Janet Scruggs

Tipped Up Towards Heaven: Brights
By Judy Leslie

Tipped up Towards Heaven: Tints
By Robin Fischer

Transformation: Created in Layers
By Mary Wilton

Transformation: Moving Through Chaos
By Karen Johnson

Trees and Seasons: Fall Winter
By Jan Clark

Trees and Seasons: Spring Summer
By Helen Berscheid

What Lies Beyond: The French Door
By Linda Ingham

What Lies Beyond: The Garden Gate
By Bonita Rozander

Why: Heart
By Krista Zeghers

Why: Soul
By Coreen Zerr

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