From a Tiny Seed

This exhibit is designed to be loaned to quilt guilds and small venues such as libraries. Each piece measures 8.5" by 11" in a portrait orientation.
Each piece is a personal interpretation of the theme of 'From a Tiny Seed' based on the artist's vision.

The exhibit has been divided into two collections: Collection A and Collection B.
Community organizations can choose to borrow either Collection A or B, or both, depending on availability.
All transportation costs must be covered by the organization wishing to book and show these exhibits.

This Exhibit was available for booking from May 2018 through May 2021.

Artwork from From a Tiny Seed

A Garden for Christine
By Jean Brandel

Arbutus: From a Tiny Seed
By Donna-Fay Digance

Autumn Glow
By Susan Selby

Basket Weave: Pond
By Helen Berscheid

Beauty on the Sidewalk
By Terry Aske

Birds & Seeds 1
By Shel Hein

Blue Tree
By Pippa Moore

Coastal Forest
By Donna-Fay Digance

By Pat Moore

Crazy Corn
By Helen Knockaert

By Marie McEachern

Desert Giant
By Theresa Shaw

By Judi MacLeod

Elder Elm
By Elaine Filyk

By Linda Ingham

From a Tiny Seed Grew a Giant Tree
By Thelma Newbury

From a Tiny Seed Sprung a Feeble Sprout
By Thelma Newbury

From a Tiny Seed To a Sculptural Arbutus Tree
By Paulette Cornish

From a Tiny Stitch - Grows a Tree
By Joyce Brown

From Bright Ideas
By Jaynie Himsl

From Chaos: Seed of Life
By Yvonne Bilan-Wallace

From Many Tiny Seeds Our World is Forested
By Thelma Newbury

By Donna Polos

Glory 2-the tiniest seed of all
By Jan Clark

Glory1-the tiniest seed of all
By Jan Clark

Golden Seeds
By Elizabeth Redston

Independence Grows
By Krista Zeghers

By Michele Craigen

Kiidy‘ Kass-Golden Spruce-Ancient Tree
By Susan Greenwell

Leaf Impressions
By Donna Stockdale

Leafing Out
By Susan Selby

Like Magic
By Patricia (Patti) Dance

Maple Leaves
By Donna Polos

Memories in a Packet of Seeds
By Mary Wilton

Mmm...dill pickles
By Karen Johnson

Out of Focus
By Cathie Ugrin

Prime Numbers
By Karlie McChesney

By Karen Cummings

Rectangle Dance
By Leslie Forbes

Said the Raindrop to the Seed
By Karen Arends

Say Your Piece
By Theresa Shaw

Seed of Life
By Tracie L. Maryne

Seed of Life
By Patricia (Patti) Dance

Seed of Passion
By Tracie L. Maryne

Seeded Reflections
By Judy Leslie

Seeds and Wishes on the Wind
By Suzie Ambrose

Seeds Sown Over Time
By Marianne Parsons

Silk Tree
By Linda Mushka

Silk Worm Road
By Linda Mushka

Solitary Tree
By Jenny Perry

Song of Summer
By Karen Johnson

Study in Creams
By Leslie Forbes

By Robin Fischer

The Grape Vine
By Dianne Firth

The Rogue
By Terry Rammell

The Root System
By Sandra Lounsbury

Through the Woods to Mary‘s House
By Carol Seeley

Tiny Acorn to a Mighty Oak
By Elaine Filyk

Tiny Voices Grow Louder
By Katie Stein Sather

Underwater Bouquet 1
By Alison Dean Cowitz

Underwater Bouquet 2
By Alison Dean Cowitz

By Bonita Rozander

Wild Roses
By Jaynie Himsl

Winds of Change
By Yvonne Carlson

Worm Trails
By Linda Mushka

Yellow Hydrangea
By Shel Hein

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