Water, a critically important subject for everyone. Water is not only an important life force; it conjures up notions of fluidity, flow, movement, power and peace. Water is full of contradictions and yet it is consistent. It is open to endless interpretations.

The Waterworks exhibition was created initially for the Chapel Gallery, situated in North Battleford, SK, in close proximity to the North Saskatchewan River and the stunning view of the river valley from its patio made it the perfect venue for this work. This large gallery provided the FAN membership the opportunity to create 2 and 3 dimensional tactile forms of unlimited sizes and styles.
The diversity of this show and the interest it piqued created opportunities for it to travel to other professional venues. The show was on display from August until October 2012.

Artwork from Waterworks

By Patt Wilson

Ancient Sails
By Holly Hildebrand

Arctic Canary
By Avery Ascher

Arctic Oil Spill
By Judy Leslie

Broken Water
By Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer

Butterflies are Free
By Vivian Kapusta

Drake's Burrator
By Judith Panson

Ebb & Flow
By Gloria S. Daly

Evening Reflections
By Lilly Thorne

Forest Fire
By Judi MacLeod

Four Seasons of Water
By Virginia Stephen

Ice To Water
By Martha Cole

Ice Walkers
By Donna Stockdale

Icons Of the Sea
By Marie Kajdasz

Measuring a Year by the Minute
By Margie Davidson

Messages in Water 1 & 2 (Diptych)
By Kim Caskey

Peggy's Cove
By Colleen Peake

Pelicans at the Weir Waves
By Elizabeth Cuming

Reflections on a Blue Day
By Terry Aske

Refreshing - Leaving it cleaner than you found it
By Judy Weiss and Sharon Rubuliak

Sand Sea & Sky
By Susan Duffield

Sea Change
By Arlee Barr

Sea Turtles
By Donna Bray-Zakreski

Secret Garden
By Pat Borecky

Shattered Ice
By Dale MacEwan

Shibori River
By Kathy Dill

Shielding the Coast
By Kristin Miller

Spawning Pools
By Diana Bartelings

Spring Run-off
By Gay Walker

Subtle Seas
By Pat Findlay

Swimming in a Reflection
By Jenny Perry

Teaming With Life
By Coreen Zerr

the Sea Garden
By Helene Blanchet

By Sara Judith

Under Water
By Dianne Firth

By Kristin Rohr

Underwater Odyssey
By Emilie Belak

Water Works in Wondrous Ways I: Alexander Falls, NWT
By Thelma Newbury

Waterline on Lake Mead
By Diane Duncan

Whale Watching
By Donna Polos

Working Water
By Katie Stein Sather

Yesterday Today Tomorrow
By Carol Seeley

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