20/20 Vision

20/20 Vision Exhibit is based on 57 personal interpretations of the concept of 20/20 vision in light of the Fibre Art Network celebrating 20 years as a cooperative of fibre artists based in Western Canada. The art represents a variety of artistic styles from realistic to abstract.

This exhibit is available for booking from May 2019 through May 2022.

Artwork from 20/20 Vision

20/10, 20/20, 20/30 Vision
By Thelma Newbury

20/20 Gone Askew
By Bonita Rozander

20/20 Vision in the 21st Century
By Laine Canivet

20/20 Vision: Different Perspectives
By Karen Johnson

20Years, 20 Ways .... A Textile Artist
By Yvonne Bilan-Wallace

After the Storm
By Sharon Rubuliak

Black and White and Read All Over
By Linda MacKay

Call of the Wild Geese
By Emilie Belak

Can You Feel the Color?
By Terry Aske

Chaos Controlled
By Jan Clark

By Karlie McChesney

By Coreen Zerr

By Marie McEachern

Emmitts Vision
By Christina Thomas

Eyes Open
By Robin Fischer

Far Out
By Jaynie Himsl

Four Eyes
By Anne Rayner-Gould

By Carol Seeley

From Hand to Art
By Dianne Firth

Hindsight 20/20
By Margie Davidson

Hindsight Is 20/20: Tread Lightly
By Victoria Gray

Hindsight: if only...
By Patricia (Patti) Dance

I Can See Clearly Now
By Janet Harper

I Can See the Future
By Yvonne Carlson

I Have a Dream
By Elaine Filyk

I Love My Glasses
By Margaret Jessop

I See Clearly Now
By Anne de Verteuil

I See the Far Horizon
By Donna-Fay Digance

Into The Light
By Cindi Plant

Is Hindsight Really 20/20?
By Krista Zeghers

Leap of Faith
By Vivian Kapusta

Long Road to Clarity
By Linda Mushka

Look Again
By Donna Polos

Look Ahead
By Pat Moore

Look Beyond
By Helen Berscheid

Looking Back Looking Ahead
By Joyce Brown

Looking Within, Looking Out
By Valerie Wilson

My Present Vision ... My Future Vision
By Judi MacLeod

My Right Eye
By Paulette Cornish

Number Play
By Katie Stein Sather

One Direction
By Leslie Forbes

Perspectives: Vision depends on your point of view
By Janet Bednarczyk

Rear View Mirror
By Susan Greenwell

By Tracie L. Maryne

Remembering the Joy of Colour
By Judy Leslie

Seeing Clearly
By Pippa Moore

Seeing With Imagination
By Mary Wilton

By Terry Phillips

Solace in the Dead of the Dark
By Cathie Ugrin

Textile Time Travel
By Linda Ingham

The Pendulum of the Rainbow Owl
By Adele Goodwin

The Visionary
By Diana Bartelings

Toward Clarity
By Theresa Shaw

Twenty Questions
By Gay Walker

Vision Quest
By Susan Selby

What Do You See?
By Janet Scruggs

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