“20/20 Vision” Exhibition
Hindsight 20/20 by Margie Davidson

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Hindsight 20/20 by Margie Davidson

20"" x 20""   $600

Moving to Qualicum Beach immersed me in a different natural colour scheme. Living in this new place has allowed me to see and reflect on my 20 year membership with FAN. “Hindsight 20/20” includes 20 techniques that I learned and 20 surface design fabrics that I created through the years.

Techniques: 1hand quilting
2machine quilting
3machine applique
4curved piecing
5dyeing with procion dyes
6mordanting cotton fabric
7dyeing with natural dyes
9discharge printing
11watercolour pencil
12clamped resist
13pole wrapped shibori
14stitched shibori resist
15french knots
16blanket stitch
17running stitch
18fabric painting - sponge
19fabric painting – salt
20fabric painting - crinkle

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