On the Wind

On The Wind exhibits the wide range of artistic styles and techniques within the Fibre Art Network of Western Canada. This show was shown at the Portals Gallery in Duncan, B.C. in August 2014.

Artwork from On the Wind

Blowing In The Wind
By Judi MacLeod

Canoe en haut
By Katie Stein Sather

Catching the Wind
By Terry Aske

Dancing With the Wind
By Emilie Belak

Dogwood in Autumn Wind II
By Susan Selby

By Marianne Parsons

Dust Bowl
By Judy Weiss

Glory Day
By Sharon Rubuliak

By Marie Kajdasz

Kansas Sunset - Hoping for a Breeze
By Diane Duncan

By Gloria S. Daly

Monarch Migration
By Margie Davidson

Night Rider.
By Elaine Hennecker

Running into the Wind
By Judy Leslie

By Diana Bartelings

Singuuriq, Inuit Sky Legend
By Yvonne Bilan-Wallace

The Answer my Friend
By Coreen Zerr

The Kite Challenge
By Judith Panson

Turn up the Heat
By Jaynie Himsl

Upper Winds
By Donna Stockdale

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