Artwork by Judy Weiss

Memories-Mind Matters

Memories-Mind Matters

10.5" W X 8.5" D X 12.5" H includes base and plexiglass cover

Memories-Mind Matters was made in honour of those who suffer memory loss. It depicts the accumulated knowledge, beliefs, experiences and relationships that are held in  the neurons and synapses of memory. Collectively, these stored pieces of information create our personal identity. When our memories are disconnected, we lose not only our identity but our ability to function, to make rational judgements, and to respond in to events around us. Mind matters!

Materials/processes: synthetic sheers, wire, water-soluble stabilizer, fabric stiffener, wood base and supports, plexiglass cover. Machine needle felting, free motion stitching, wire-weaving, 3-D mounting.

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