Artwork by Judy Weiss



25" W x 48" H x 7"D

Less than 20% of all the land on the prairies remains in its natural, pre-settlement state. Waterfowl habitat is disappearing with increasing development and urbanization. This artwork is a memory of the natural landscape found at Jackfish Lake in Battlefords Provincial Park, Saskatchewan. Sheer, flowing fabrics in free-floating layers echo the fluidity and transparency of water and changing colours of autumn. The style of this work was inspired by the paper collages of Alma Woodsey Thomas, (Washington Colour School, 1960s) and the pixelated artworks of Chuck Close.

Materials/process:synthetic sheer fabrics, polyester monofilament thread, plexiglass and wire header/mount. Heat-cut and layered synthetic sheers, machine stitching


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