Artwork by Judy Weiss

Slough in the Canola Field

Slough in the Canola Field

25" W x 48" H x 7"D

In July, all across the prairies, we see the electric yellow of canola in full flower. Flashes of blue and green interrupt the yellow: shallow sloughs that provide habitat and maintain the water table for thirsty crops in the height of summer. This particular 'slough in a canola field' was just outside Tofield, Alberta. Sheer, flowing fabrics echo the fluidity and transparency of water within a field of yellow. The style of this artwork was nspired by the paper collages of Alma Woodsey Thomas (Washington Colour School, 1960s) and the pixelated portraits by Chuck Close.

Materials/process: synthetic sheer fabrics, polyester monofilament thread, plexiglass and wire header. Heat-cut and machine-stitched into three free-loating,translucent layers.


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