Artwork by Diana Bartelings

Building Blocks of a Dogwood

Building Blocks of a Dogwood

30"X 48" ©2021

As a child, growing up in Vancouver, BC, we had these very tall dogwood trees growing beside our house. I always loved it when they flowered. Since 1956 The Dogwood has been British Columbia’s floral emblem. This abstract, microscopic view of the cellular structure of the trees shows the pathways the nutrients travel providing life giving sustenance.

The trees produce a cluster of inconspicuous green flowers that are surround by 4-6 white leaf brackets that themselves look like the flowers. The tree flowers in April and May. Dogwood is a heavy, fine grained, wood and has been used over the years by our indigenous peoples to make various tools, dye from the bark, and has been used medicinally for stomach ailments, a blood purifier and a lung strengthener.

Juried into SAQA Global Exhibit – Microscape

Juror – Linden Gledhill

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