Artwork by Cathie Ugrin

Into the Light

Into the Light

27" x 78" ©2014

Into the Light was created during a dark period when my mother, who had been mentally ill for years, was diagnosed with Schizo-Affective Disorder. This official diagnosis was the catalyst for my family to come to terms with a painful reality we had avoided directly dealing with for some time.

My mother owned a sewing machine shop for many years and I wanted to make a piece that honoured traditional technique while using a combination of modern cottons, batik, reclaimed material from mom’s stash and very old found fabrics all cut into two-inch squares.

The juxtaposition of these disparate fabrics represents the cascade of experiences and difficult emotions we were forced to embrace and tells the story of how we discovered the existence of love and joy through our struggle.

The dark blues and harsh browns represent the ‘one step forward, two steps back’ progress made at the beginning of our journey. Through perseverance, determination, courage and undying love these colours transition to the turquoises and beiges of forgiveness, humour and companionship, striving always towards the light of peace.

The brightness would not be as vibrant without the darkness surrounding it; the journey would not be as extraordinary without the realization that we could always reach into the light.

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