Artwork by Judy Leslie

Lighting the Past

Lighting the Past

19" x 32.5" ©2015

The Point Prim lighthouse represents my paternal family connections.  In 1803 my forbearers sailed with a group of Lord Selkirk's Scottish settlers to homestead on the Point Prim peninsula, Prince Edward Island. 

Later on, my great grandfather, John Gillis, was keeper of the Point Prim lighthouse from 1897 until 1909.  One hundred years after his death, my sister and I climbed worn steps to the lantern room for the first time.  As we viewed the surrounding area, we reflected on how our predecessors had so courageously journeyed to and settled on the red clay soils of this 'bonnie' island.

Techniques: whole cloth image densely thread painted and quilted; border: hand-dyed linen with text stitched in gold metallic thread

Lighting the Past was juried in to the 2015 Grand National Quilt Show Connections in Kitchener, Ontario.  Lighting the Past was awarded the Grand Prize sponsored by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, Inc.

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