Artwork by Sharon Rubuliak

Hope Amid the Chaos

Hope Amid the Chaos

18”W x 36”H ©2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing anxiety and uncertainty around the world.  While most people remain healthy and active, the perpetual turmoil during the first four months of the pandemic has created chaos in the global economy and in people’s lives. For those who are highly susceptible to this disease the impacts have been devastating, adding to the weight of suffering around the world.  Throughout the catastrophe, however, there has been a strong current of hope in the unprecedented international effort to develop a vaccine in record time for the general population and treatments for those people suffering most severely. Closer to home, medical research teams at the University of Alberta are participating in several initiatives to develop both vaccines and treatments for COVID-19. My artwork is inspired by their dedication and perseverance. 

Hand-dyed and commercial cottons on top; fabric paint; fusible web; cotton flannel, batting and backing; polyester voile stabilizer; cotton and monofilament threads.

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