About Debbie Caseburg Tyson

Debbie Caseburg Tyson I have had a lifelong connection with fibre and textiles. Growing up in a family where my mother and aunt often knit, sewed, beaded and stitched, I learned needle skills at a young age. I spent many happy hours stitching and embroidering, and pursued that passion to earn both my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Clothing and Textiles. Twenty years ago I discovered quilting and my love affair with all things fibre grew. Today, I am a quilter, doll maker and fibre artist who enjoys teaching and attending workshops as well as facilitating and participating in community and collaborative art projects.

I love exploring new techniques and am fascinated by the endless ways fibre can be manipulated. Dyeing, painting, quilting, beading, stitching, felting and all the other things I have yet to discover are all passions and I am drawn to experiment to see what happens next. My current work focuses on creating and manipulating silk fusion both as a substrate for stitching as well as a mouldable medium for creating texture, three dimensional objects and vessels. I incorporate traditional and contemporary stitch, beading, quilting and painting to add colour and texture to my work.

My inspiration comes from what I see around me and from the daily experiences of my life. Much of my work is done by hand; the rhythm of stitch encourages gentle reflection and personal growth.

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Artwork by Debbie Caseburg Tyson

Nature's Patterns Abstracted


Exhibition Artwork by Debbie Caseburg Tyson

Erosion 2

Erosion 2

ELEGY: Remains

ELEGY:  Remains