About Judy Weiss

Judy Weiss My passion as an artist is to express my love for the unique landscape of the Canadian prairies. The vastness of the space, the extremes of climate, and the natural rhythms of life are beautiful and amazing in themselves. In a sense, the land has shaped us: our activities, our resourcefulness, our need for community, and our sense of who we are in the world. In my work, I want to share my sense of wonder at our landscape, and my questions about who we are within it.

I describe my work as mixed media with roots in fibre. Much of my subject material is narrative or representational, responding to what I see in my environment. I frequently begin with my own digital images applied to fabric by printing, painting, image transfer or appliqué. I then add layers of inks, paints or other colouring media to the surface. To produce texture, dimensionality and touchability, I may attach natural or synthetic materials by collage, felting, fusing and hand - or machine -stitches. Subtractive processes of distressing, fusing, melting or burning can also reveal meaning and integrate themes. Layer upon layer, my goal is to create tactile surfaces and three-dimensional objects that present provocative, engaging imagery.

Although I love narrative works, my heart is also drawn to abstract expression of concepts and emotions. The complex processes of mark-making, colouring and surface design are my tools in this new area of artistic exploration, just as they have been in more representational works.

Fibre is a wearable as well as a decorative art. I also enjoy making fibre pieces for interiors and to wear. They are distinguished by interesting textures, and touchable or comfortable surfaces. Some, like quilts, have distinct prairie roots.

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Artwork by Judy Weiss

Song in My Heart


Little Birdie Told Me So

Home on the Range

Mosquito Country

Apple Blossoms

Columbia lake

Warm Memories

Up in Smoke

Worlds Series - Emergence

Old Roses Journal Cover

Felted Rose and Vases

Exhibition Artwork by Judy Weiss

Great Blue 1

Great Blue 1

Forest Floor
Botanical Reflections

Forest Floor

RAVEN: Crossroads

RAVEN: Crossroads

Dust Bowl
On the Wind

Dust Bowl

Refreshing - Leaving it cleaner than you found it

Refreshing - Leaving it cleaner than you found it

Water's Course

Waiting for Ice

Water Lilies Coast to Coast
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