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Judy Weiss Judy Weiss
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Judy Weiss is an award-winning story-teller, in textiles. The narrative aspects of her work come from her passionate love for the Canadian prairies, where she grew up and lives now. Her textile and mixed media work captures the experiences of prairie people: events and the passage of time, the power of nature, and the enduring beauty of the vast but fragile landscape.

Her body of work includes large, abstracted landscapes, narrative pieces, mixed media sculpture, installations, and wearable art. Each artwork is characterized by rich surface texture and dimensionality, achieved through unusual and layered materials, surface manipulation, and stitch. She is currently exploring multi-layered textiles in opaque chenille and translucent sheers to depict features of the Prairie landscape.

Judy is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She holds a Fine Arts certification from the University of Alberta. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, the US and New Zealand, and she hosts textile-based workshops for adults and elementary age children.

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Website: www.judyweiss.ca

Artwork by Judy Weiss

Poster Child

Coming on The Clouds

Aspen Parkland

Slough in the Canola Field


Against The Wind Polyptic/Series

Mosquito Country


Song in My Heart

Pipe Dreams: The Nightmare

Correction Line


Memories-Mind Matters

Rose and Vases

Old Roses Journal Cover

International Forest Children's Workshop

Exhibition Artwork by Judy Weiss

Great Blue 1

Great Blue 1

Forest Floor
Botanical Reflections

Forest Floor

RAVEN: Crossroads

RAVEN: Crossroads

Dust Bowl
On the Wind

Dust Bowl

Refreshing - Leaving it cleaner than you found it

Refreshing - Leaving it cleaner than you found it