About Darlene Bayley

Darlene Bayley I am a mixed-media fibre artist living in Edmonton, Canada. I have taught numerous workshops, competed in several competitions and taken many great classes. Overall, I would consider myself a landscape artist, but I am valiantly expanding in other directions! Using photos, collage and overlays, plus as much of my own hand-painted fabric as possible is very important to me. I am also an avid knitter and acrylic painter with a very recent addiction to acrylic pours and negative painting techniques. I love teaching and empowering "new" artists to try something different and adventurous. After all, your next piece will always be better than your last piece!

email: Darlene Bayley
Website: darlenebayley.wix.com/fibre-art

Artwork by Darlene Bayley

Learning To Paint

Dreamy Days

Open For Business

It's a Wool World

Laundry Day

Street Scene 2019


Just Another Back Alley #2

Just Another Back Alley


Where To Next


Exhibition Artwork by Darlene Bayley