About Krista Zeghers

Krista  Zeghers I have always loved fibre. I remember "sewing" with scraps from my Mom's projects while she was sewing. One aunt taught me to knit and crochet, while another taught me to do needlepoint. In my senior year of Home Economics Sewing I made a five-piece suit for myself. Egad, I really was a fibre geek even then!

Quilting started for me when I attended my first workshop in Clear Lake, Manitoba, facilitated by Eva Bishop, in the late 70s. I completed my first quilt, a Hawaiian sampler, all hand appliqued and quilted, at age 24. I must admit the quilt spent two full years on stretcher bars in our living room. Thank goodness I had a patient husband! And yes, the cat occasionally used it as a hammock!

After a long hiatus from quilting to allow time to sew for my two young children, I returned to quilting and eventually to fibre art. Workshops with Coreen Zerr, Heather Lair, Karen Kay Buckley, Anna Hergert, Judy Coates-Perez, Patt Blair, Betty Busby, Mary Pal, Angela Walters Lisa Binkley and Hollis Chatelain, all international quilt artists, as well as numerous vacations have influenced my art.

Now that am I retired from my full time job as a classroom teacher, I have more time to concentrate on my artwork. I love artwork where the image is recognizable to the viewer, but has something unique and special about it. There could be a change of scale, a different colour scheme, a close up of a small section, a repeated pattern or shape; any element that makes the work come alive and provides interest. I feel art needs to intrigue the viewer, make them want to look closer and spend time with the piece.

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Artwork by Krista Zeghers

Moon Dance

Ireland Woven Landscape

Icy Spring Morn

Ice Shards


Flax Field

Don the Photographer

Bow Falls

Belize Flower

Self Portrait: Fibre Lovers Fun Day

Backwards Glance

Where Has Our Compassion Gone?

Ngorongoro Maasai

Lake Natron Masai

Fate of Masai Men Triptych

Windy Point

Sioux Narrows Triptych

Serengeti Moment

Oldavai Man


Exhibition Artwork by Krista Zeghers

Is Hindsight Really 20/20?
20/20 Vision

Is Hindsight Really 20/20?

Water Lily Reflection
Botanical Reflections

Water Lily Reflection

Why: Heart

Why: Heart

MAGICAL THINKING: Magical Thinking Woman

MAGICAL THINKING: Magical Thinking Woman

Independence Grows
From a Tiny Seed

Independence Grows