About Michele Craigen

Michele Craigen I am a retired elementary school teacher. I live and create in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. My interest in and experience with sewing, knitting and weaving goes back four decades. An interest in making quilts began about fifteen years ago, starting with following a traditional block pattern to make quilts for family. Eventually I moved on to designing my own quilts still using traditional blocks resulting in a more modern approach. Landscapes are what really seem to excite me beginning with photos I have taken or a sketch I’ve made. I’m still so much in the learning stage of my fibre art, trying a variety of techniques and materials.

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Artwork by Michele Craigen

Prairie Gold

Prairie Winter

Art Untitled

Art Through My Eyes

Art In My Garden

Art After The Harvest


Prize View

Lean On Me


Exhibition Artwork by Michele Craigen

What Is Hope
Threads of Hope

Yellow Bird
For the Birds

Orange Daisy - Blue Green Daisy

Coffee: Anytime

Coffee: Anytime

From a Tiny Seed