About Christina Thomas

Christina Thomas The tactile and versatile properties of fibre have provided Christina with an outlet to discover and explore her creative spirit. For the past 23 years learning and teaching surface design has been her passion. The past few years Christina focused on being a student and completed certification in Design and Craft – Stitched Textile (Machine Embroidery) and Creative Computing into Stitched Textiles through City & Guilds.
She continually explores and implements as many techniques as she can, by dying, manipulating and melting fabric. Christina loves to create her own designs, both realistic and abstract with the intent of providing lots of opportunity to manipulate the surface.

email: Christina Thomas
Website: www.christinathomas.ca

Artwork by Christina Thomas

Up or Down

Programmed Abstracted

Crumbling Building

Celtic Shield

Blue Texture

Oil Rig Reflection


Exhibition Artwork by Christina Thomas

Emmitts Vision
20/20 Vision

Emmitts Vision

A Little Bit Of Sunshine
Botanical Reflections

A Little Bit Of Sunshine

Etymology: AWE, the Root of Awesome

Etymology: AWE, the Root of Awesome