About Yvonne Carlson

Yvonne Carlson In recent years I have rekindled my love of sewing and started quilting, and teaching quilting. I lean toward the unique techniques and unusual patterns so I started creating my own. Discovering Fibre Art was the logical next step. I feel I have just started my journey into fibre art and am enjoying exploring the possibilities of the seemingly endless inspiration all around us. I am working on ways to combine various techniques and crafts in my art. My work is typically a combination of hand and machine, old and new, modern and traditional.
I am also part of the Wonderfil Teacher Program.

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Artwork by Yvonne Carlson



On the Doorstep

1928 Model A


On the Button

Wings I

Manitoba Wilderness

A Moment From Home

Taking Flight

La Mer

Dig Deeper

And So Much More

Autumn's Pallete


Exhibition Artwork by Yvonne Carlson

Global Connection
Threads of Hope

I Can See the Future
20/20 Vision

I Can See the Future

Places: Bench by the Lake

Places: Bench by the Lake

Winds of Change
From a Tiny Seed

Winds of Change