About Helen Berscheid

Helen Berscheid My roots in Saskatchewan, prepared me for a lifetime of creative efforts in Quilting, Rug Hooking, Embroidery, Crafts and Music. All of these were taught to me by my mother. They say that "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" and that is true for my endeavors. I took it as a challenge when the wood turners in the Saskatchewan Craft Council, kept showing off their bowls and I thought, "Humph; I can make a bowl too!" and there the sculptured quilts were born! First as Bowls, then sculptures and then sculpture portions fit into quilts.

The Sculptured quilts have traveled nationally and internationally and some quilts have won prizes across the provinces. The works have gotten smaller over the years and I use sculptural techniques as well as traditional to complete particular pieces. It is a pleasure to learn new techniques and patterns and now I have more time to explore textiles since retiring from full time teaching.

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Website: hblegacy@gmail.com

Artwork by Helen Berscheid

Urban Empress

Eye of the Beholder

Country Empress

Midday in Morocco

Dizzy Dynamic Quartet


Exhibition Artwork by Helen Berscheid

Look Beyond
20/20 Vision

Look Beyond

Trees and Seasons: Spring Summer

Trees and Seasons: Spring Summer

Basket Weave: Pond
From a Tiny Seed

Basket Weave: Pond