About Karen Arends

Karen Arends Karen loves a celebration! Her fiber art reflects that love of ceremony. Inspired by her work as a Minister of Metaphysics, Karen listens deeply to create memorable and meaningful pieces for life's special moments, seasonal ceremony, and personal altars. Reflecting on the changing of the seasons, the four elements, and the Goddess in all women, she brings her love of the Earth into the art drawing on decades of study in environmental chemistry.

From crafting as a long-time seamstress, knitter, and quilter, Karen has taken her creativity into the realm of art worked in fibers of all kinds. She enjoys the surprise of creating her own fabrics using natural dyes and processes. Sometimes she is inspired by a piece of music, or a quotation, but sometimes the inspiration comes from a beautiful piece of fabric itself.

email: Karen Arends
Website: www.KestrelsNest.ca

Artwork by Karen Arends

Sheep at Cape St. Mary's

Woman in Tangles

Mountains Through Prairie Grasses

Colour Wheel Blocks

Garden Fence

Village of Vancouver

Winter Solstice Sunrise


Falling Leaves

My Compass


Exhibition Artwork by Karen Arends

Pele Rises
Threads of Hope

Forest in the Morning Glow - Forest in the Evening Glow

Waiting for the Green Flash
Circles and Lines

Waiting for the Green Flash

Said the Raindrop to the Seed
From a Tiny Seed

Said the Raindrop to the Seed