About Anne Rayner-Gould

Since I discovered the world of art quilts, colour and cloth have brought me an endless flow of ideas and creativity. Having retired from my educational assistant job in February 2017, I now have the time to indulge all those ideas and allow the creativity to take me where it will. Whereas once I was a city girl, teaching English at UBC, I’ve lived for the past fifteen years on what my husband calls a stump ranch in the southern BC interior, 160 acres of field and forest. We share our lives with dogs, cats, and draft horses. I’m incredibly lucky to have a separate building on our land to use as my quilting studio, a little cabin with windows on all sides, full of fabric and everything else I need to make quilts.

I made a traditional quilt 30 years ago and then did not sew another thing for decades, until I saw the explosive use of colour in knitting and then quilts, that Kaffe Fassett introduced us to many years ago. Suddenly I could see that a quilt could be a spectacular riot of colour and pattern. I have never made another traditional quilt, but I enjoy the process of taking the basic geometry of traditional quilts and playing with it to create something new. I love the fused quilts and pictorial quilts I have made, but my love of piecing is what gets me into the studio. I took a class from Nancy Crow in 2010 and learned from her that pure colour, in the form of solid fabrics, offers its own infinite world of possibilities. From her, I learned how to apply the principles of composition and design that apply to all visual art. I love the hard brain work of juggling hue and value, balance and harmony, proportion and visual weight, line and shape. Even the days that feel more like struggle than success feed my soul: I always learn something on those hard days. I think of these quilts as my "serious" quilts, and after finishing one of these demanding projects, I like to recharge by making what I refer to as "fun" quilts. I plunge into the mass of printed, patterned fabrics that I have collected over the years and enjoy the thrill of one complex fabric vibrating in proximity to the next. The lessons I learn and the joy I feel in making these fun quilts bring me back to the hard work of design in solids with renewed commitment and excitement. In future, I’d like to explore surface design, embellishment with simple hand-stitching, and working in a series.

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Artwork by Anne Rayner-Gould


Garden Gate


Exhibition Artwork by Anne Rayner-Gould

Four Eyes
20/20 Vision

Four Eyes