About Linda Van Gastel

Linda Van Gastel After retiring from a career in engineering, Linda’s daughter introduced her to quilt making, and she was hooked. She enjoys the challenge of creating unique designs, constructing the pieces in innovative ways, and enhancing the project with stitched designs that add texture and interest. And she loves exploring and creating fibre art! Colour, shape and pattern, and their interaction to create intriguing results, fascinate her. Bright colours often find their way into her work, bringing joy, vitality and warmth.

email: Linda Van Gastel

Artwork by Linda Van Gastel

Wild Goose Chase

Shrimp Salad

Pyramid Play 2

Pyramid Play

Gentle Curves 2

Gentle Curves

West Coast Impressions


Exhibition Artwork by Linda Van Gastel

Threads of Hope

Bird, Watching
For the Birds

Eat Like a Bird
For the Birds

Swiss Cheese
Circles and Lines

Swiss Cheese