About Lori Mudrie

Lori Mudrie Lori is a textile and multi-media artist, living in Nanaimo,BC. She is largely self-taught and has benefited from workshops held by internationally known artists. She is an active member of the Surface Design Association. Her journey in fiber art began with commercial fabric and representational work and has evolved to an exploration of abstract art often using unconventional and recycled materials. She enjoys experimenting with different techniques including painting, dying, rusting, heat distressing, silk fusion, needle felting, machine and hand stitching. She also likes to work in a series, exploring the west coast landscape through her art.

email: Lori Mudrie

Artwork by Lori Mudrie

Waters Edge 1

Seascape 1

Lichen 2

Forest Walk 1

Exhibition Artwork by Lori Mudrie