About Vicki Dods

I developed a fondness for all things fibre when I was a young girl watching my
Mom sew clothing on an old treadle machine. I was mesmerized by her coordination
and ability to smoothly transition from forward to reverse without skipping a beat. I
enjoyed working with her cast-offs of velvet, satin, lace, etc. and was soon learning to
decipher patterns to create Barbie doll clothes. I continued sewing off and on into high
school, but lost interest in my later teen years. Then, in 2004, I attended a local quilt
show and was captivated. In 2007, I took the plunge and began exploring the art of
quilting. Most of my work includes traditional lap quilts and wall hangings, however,
recently I have become intrigued with art pieces and have begun to create works based
on my photos and copyright-free images of artists' works that I can recreate in fibre. I
also enjoy drawing my own designs and pictures to re-imagine in cloth. This field is so
varied, I look forward to future explorations with unconventional materials, techniques
and specialty threads. What fun!

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Artwork by Vicki Dods

Billy Holiday Sings the Blues



Exhibition Artwork by Vicki Dods