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Colleen Peake Colleen Peake is a Fibre Artist, a retired teacher, a Granny for 6 grandkids, and a traveller with her husband, Eric. As an artist, she combines original designs, cloth, paints and embellishments to create wall hangings and decor items of beauty. Colleen finds that cloth, threads, embellishments and imagination contribute a very tactile conversation between the viewer and the artist, a most pleasing result.

Colleen shares her story as one of being forever working with cloth from early childhood, as a practical sewer, as a teacher, and now as an artist. The journey started so simply while following patterns but soon became one of discovery using her own experiences, photos and creativity to share her feelings, her vision and her style.

Colleen’s creativity with fabric started before there were courses available in her city, so she turned to the Internet. Quilt University supplied her first teachers where she won international awards; then the Canadian Quilt Association brought International teachers to their annual conferences. The largest International conference/show is held in Houston where she has attended two times and taken more fabric art classes. She has been a member of FAN, the Fibre Art Network for Western Canadian fabric artists, and FAX, a Calgary group of eight fabric artists, for many years. Inspiration, encouragement and shows are abundant with both of these groups. Her techniques include: altering fabric colours with several mediums; several texturizing methods, angelina, thread painting; and creating needle lace, mosses and leaves with water soluble stabilizer, making her work more realistic and three-dimensional. Her art has been shown at Quilt Canada several times, Quilt University’s International audiences; Calgary Stampede; Millarville Annual Country Fair; Heritage Park, Calgary; Centre Street Gallery, The Grand National; Pan Pacific show in Hawaii; AQNP in Seattle; Mennonite Art Gallery in Winnipeg; Southgate Library shows with FAX and her Quilt guild; and several private homes.

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Artwork by Colleen Peake


Salt Box House

Beaded Silk Bracelet

Peggy's Cove

East Meets West

Three Sisters


Wedding Invite


Peruvian Sheep Herdess

Peruvian Flutist

Four Seasons Along the Bow

A Slice of Earth

Boccicci's Lady in Fabric and Thread


Exhibition Artwork by Colleen Peake

Alpine Spring Greens - Alpine Blazing Sunset

Circles and Lines


Hat Trick Wins
Circles and Lines

Hat Trick Wins

Master Goalie saves the Game
Circles and Lines

Master Goalie saves the Game