About Eileen Findlay

Eileen Findlay I live in Langley, B.C. and enjoy a very active retired life. Loving a challenge, I proceeded to learn something new with each journal quilt that I made. I explored many techniques and loved what I was learning. This love of learning led me to take several courses from interesting and inspirational teachers. A personal library of resources, from published textile art quilters, has also provided me with much motivation. I enjoy the designing aspects of fibre art and continue to have many ideas for future projects. My love of colour has led me to say, on more than one occasion, that gaudy is my favourite. My retirement years are filled with creativity. This creativity has been nurtured by my association with talented fibre artists who have encouraged me to expand my horizons.

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Artwork by Eileen Findlay

Souris Lighthouse PEI

Old Barn On PEI

Bear River Beach, PEI


Family Tree

Four Seasons


Mother and Child




Born Unique - A Gift

Exhibition Artwork by Eileen Findlay

Build Bridges ... Not Wars
Threads of Hope

Out on a Limb
For the Birds