About Yvonne Rempel

Yvonne Rempel Having worked in Winnipeg as a Designer/Costumer Yvonne has spent her career being involved in the arts primarily in Theatre and Dance. She has many years of experience in sewing, design, tailoring, pattern making and film work. She has been fortunate to have worked on many projects that allowed her to express her creativity and grow as an artist.
Yvonne’s interest in fibre art is a reflection of her love of fabric.
As a young girl she spent endless hours making paper dolls, planning, dreaming, creating. This love of creating continues today as she delves into the world of fibre art. The process of creating is the most exciting, beginning with a drawing and adding layers of paint, fabric and thread. Much of her work is inspired by personal connections and life experiences.
Yvonne is a board member at Manitoba Arts Network (MAN) and is part of the executive team of Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba.(TFAM)

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Artwork by Yvonne Rempel

Frozen Laundry

Arctic Melt


The Look




Morning Walk

Exhibition Artwork by Yvonne Rempel