About Sandra Melnik

Sandra Melnik I have been sewing for as long as I can remember. I learned to sew in school. I was a young Mom and sewed clothes for my kids, even made jeans for awhile. I lost the joy of sewing, needing to work and concentrate on my busy career. I did not sew for 20 years. On one of our many moves, I met a wonderful neighbour who quilted and invited me to shop with her. Well, that did it, I renewed my love of textiles.

I have discovered sketching and using textiles for dimension in colour. I look forward to a new chapter of unleashing my arty soul.

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Artwork by Sandra Melnik


Quilt Poetry

Papillon Rose

P Is For Priscilla

Cambodian Monk



Exhibition Artwork by Sandra Melnik

End of Innocence
Threads of Hope