About Anette Cameron

Anette Cameron Anette started her artistic career and exploration of the fibre arts two and a half years ago. She grew up in Denmark, where needlework was an inescapable part of the culture. Furthermore, mandatory school curriculum and countless hours at home, taught her traditional techniques.
During the past 30+ years she has worked in museums in Alberta and on contracts conserving textiles. During her employment at Western Canada’s largest museum, she worked with collections of remarkable historic textiles and loads of cultural artifacts expanding her scope of Canadian history, pioneer textiles, and art
Her work experience and training have inspired her to create her canvas for new uncultivated ideas: an artistic evolution within the Fibre Arts.

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Artwork by Anette Cameron

Tense City


Wings Emerging

Triplet 63

Triplet 61

Triplet 59


Seeds For A Sunny Day II

Seeds For A Sunny Day

Run Off

Fireweed At Large




Salmon Run

Last Run

Exhibition Artwork by Anette Cameron

Rise from Darkness
Threads of Hope

Double Helix
Threads of Hope

Waiting for a Fat Caterpillar
For the Birds

Feast for the Birds
For the Birds

Red Rubbing Blue and Vice Versa