About Nancy Riemersma

Nancy Riemersma ARTIST BIO

Nancy is a self-taught fibre artist, designer, landscape quilter, and teacher.

Passionate about nature and the environment, she draws inspiration from the world around us…the colours, lines and patterns, and the endless changing of the seasons.

Working with both printed and dyed fabrics, in wearable art and wall quilts, she favours the organic nature of raw edge piecing, and the texture of intricate machine stitching. She loves to learn new techniques, and loves to share new found knowledge.

A natural teacher, she encourages her students to be spontaneous, to think outside the box, and to replace the word ‘mistake’ with ‘creative opportunity’.

email: Nancy Riemersma

Artwork by Nancy Riemersma


Inukshuk III

Inukshuk II

Inukshuk I

Exhibition Artwork by Nancy Riemersma

On Thin Ice
Threads of Hope

Crazy as a Loon
For the Birds

Proud as a Peacock
For the Birds