About Gisela Carroll

Gisela Carroll I have been quilting for nearly thirty years. My journey started off in 1992, with a simple sampler quilt. I have been hooked on fibre ever since! After completing a long series of traditional quilts, I have progressed into creating my own patterns from photographs. I love that quilting forever captures my favorite images in a fabric art form. I have also enjoyed teaching a few classes in creative quilting without patterns. My work often reflects the beauty of nature and I tend to find inspiration for my designs from photographs taken on walks outside. I grew up in an artistic household. My father was a painter and I watched my mother knit, embroider, and sew all of my clothing. I was always surrounded by creative works of art and find that quilting satisfies my inner need to be creative. With each new art quilt I am incorporating new techniques and improving old ones.

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Artwork by Gisela Carroll

Lone Tree

Long Boat


Exhibition Artwork by Gisela Carroll