About Ranjeet Dhaliwal

Ranjeet Dhaliwal Ranjeets pursuits include photography, writing, and creating textile pieces. As well, she hosts art nights to provide a venue for family and friends to come together for an evening of creative endeavours.

Ranjeet learned to sew, embroider, and crochet from her mother who excelled in fabric crafts. After completing a degree in English literature she pursued a teaching career. Her assignments have included not only English but also art and sewing.

Years later Ranjeet enrolled in workshops to learn the conventions of quilting. She is grateful to her mentors and teachers who outlined the rules of the tradition, contributing much to her range of technique. Nonetheless she can be found more-often-than-not meandering outside the lines, preferring to let the improvisational spirit guide her hands, creating as she sews, with a steady belief that her pieces will work out.

She lives in Victoria with her four-legged friends. With the trails and waters nearby, she draws inspiration from the natural world, as well as from sharing, viewing, and making art with those around her.

email: Ranjeet Dhaliwal

Artwork by Ranjeet Dhaliwal

Grand Pacific Octopus


Exhibition Artwork by Ranjeet Dhaliwal