About Ranjeet Dhaliwal

Ranjeet Dhaliwal Ranjeet lives on the West Coast with her three, four-leggèd friends. Surrounded by town and country, she draws inspiration from both, as well as from sharing, viewing, and making art with those around her. She can be found more-often-than-not meandering outside the lines, preferring to let the improvisational spirit guide her hands, creating as she sews, with a steady belief that her pieces will work out.

email: Ranjeet Dhaliwal

Artwork by Ranjeet Dhaliwal

Ceilidh: Bhangra Style, 2021

Maurice, 2021

Dahlia Delight: all in blue, 2021

Oystercatchers' Conversation, 2020

Tallulah, 2019

Dahlia Delight: Emerald Beauty, 2021

Grand Pacific Octopus, 2020

Poppy Pizazz, 2018

Reiner and Ariat, 2021

Mermaid's Musing, 2019

Les Trésors, 2018

Raine, 2019

Shanti, 2019

Ambeika, 2021

Tea and Biscuits at Half Past Three, 2021

La Danse des Papillons, 2019

Exhibition Artwork by Ranjeet Dhaliwal

Bird Interrupted, with Freshly Ground Pepper
For the Birds

Transplant: Hearts in Abeyance