About Debra McPherson

Debra McPherson Born a Canadian prairie girl, Debra has always been an artist at heart. Since childhood, her passion has been creating “things”. In the early years, her tools were a camera, pens, pencils, paints and paper. In 2009 she exchanged her mark-making tools for sewing tools and thus began an art quilting journey.

Animals are prominently featured in her work, be they representational or abstract. Generally, she keeps her compositions minimal in order to present a boldness of shape, design and colour. She enjoys improvisational piecing to see what might reveal itself, and making marks with fabric collage, as though she were painting.

Debra is a member of the Canadian Quilters Association, the Fibre Arts Network and the Fabricators.

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Artwork by Debra McPherson

The Traveler

Self Portrait

Panel Of Experts

It's A New Day


Cats And Letters


Exhibition Artwork by Debra McPherson

For the Birds

Can of Worms
For the Birds

For the Birds