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Trudy Cowan Trudy Cowan has used a sewing machine since she was 9 years old and learned many needle arts as a child. Later, as an occupational therapist she learned and taught those and other textile arts and handwork techniques. For years she designed and made her own clothing, from bathing suits to gowns. A career in the museum and historic sites world introduced the textile arts of cultures from various eras and from around the world, teaching them to students and museum visitors of all ages. Trudy has also studied drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. All this artistic and needle experience came together as she retired from full-time heritage work in 2005. And then quilting came into her life ...

One of her very first quilts was a self-designed king-sized, complex bargello with a floating central star, viewable from all directions, with matching pillow shams.

By 2008 she was enticed into designing and creating her first art quilt, a salmon swimming through yarn and ribbon seaweed, embellished with beadwork. Occasional bed and other household quilts since then “never quite follow the printed pattern” as she adds, changes and embellishes each one. But her time is primarily focussed on an expanding repertoire of self-designed textile art, a number of which have received awards. She was named Quilter of Distinction at the prestigious Heritage Park Quilt Festival in 2017. Trudy’s poetry and her quilts that illustrate The Little Grey Mouse: A Fable in Fabric, published by Frontenac House Press, 2018, was nominated for a Best Children’s Book award. She now creates, teaches and exhibits her work.

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Artwork by Trudy Cowan

Autumn Glory


Exhibition Artwork by Trudy Cowan