About Kristin Miller

Kristin Miller I want my quilts to startle and delight, to wake you up, not put you to sleep, even though many of my art quilts are actually full-sized bed quilts. Art to sleep under!
I like colours that clash, patterns that dissolve into abstraction, fabrics that dont go together. I constantly strive for a sense of immediacy and of energetic motion in my work, and try to stretch my creative borders beyond safe and traditional bounds.
I like to work quickly even haphazardly - reacting to shapes and ideas as they appear. Making a pattern or planning ahead goes against my basic nature. Nevertheless, I often have to draw out designs and make up patterns in my custom work, and Im reluctantly realizing that this is a way to expand my artistic boundaries,
Whether Im taking a walk or making a quilt, I like to explore and maybe even get lost for a while. So I am always off on a tangent as my quiltmaking meanders in unexpected directions.
The quilting stitches are very important to me. I do both hand and machine quilting. Quilting by machine is a job, something to be accomplished quickly and competently. Quilting by hand is a slow and meditative process that etches an added layer of beauty and meaning into the quilt.
Website: http://www.kristinmillerquilts.com
Online shop: https://quilts-on-the-wild-side.zibbet.com

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Website: www.kristinmillerquilts.com

Artwork by Kristin Miller

Who is in Charge Here

Jake's Quilt

Lola's Magic Quilt

Haunted House


Spiral Tilt Quilted Duvet Cover

The Girl Scout Quilt


Exhibition Artwork by Kristin Miller

Trees and Roots 1

Trees and Roots 1

Silent Murmurs: Family Ties

Silent Murmurs: Family Ties

From Away


Shielding the Coast

Shielding the Coast