About Sharon Rubuliak

Sharon Rubuliak Sharon Willas Rubuliak is an Alberta-based fibre artist who has been exhibiting her work since the mid 1990s. Sharon had her first solo exhibition in 2009. From 2005 to 2010 she participated a three-person fibre art collective, mounting over 30 exhibitions of their work in Western Canadian art galleries.

A sewer since childhood, Sharon turned to quilt-making during the quilting renaissance of the 1980s. Gradually her work evolved into an original fibre-art mixed-media style. Her work combines traditional techniques with contemporary methods of surface design, and often features textural contrast, layering and stitch. Sharon's work evokes and interprets stories of everywoman while exploring historic and contemporary themes.

Sharon gained experience and skill through personal exploration and in courses with local, national and internationally recognized design and fibre art professionals. Her work has been exhibited in public galleries and exhibitions in Canada the United States, and has been recognized with awards from regional and national competitions.

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Artwork by Sharon Rubuliak

Hope Amid the Chaos

Put Up a Squawk

Hen Party

Poultry in Motion

Hatch an Idea

Rooster Games

Well Worn Truth

Well Worn - Winter Evening

Dreams to Dust

Wash and Wear


Meal Planning

All Fired Up

Running Water

Home Remedies

Home Makers

Well Worn

Lives to Live


I Fight

Absolute Equality

Pushed from Behind


Let Them Howl

No Nation

Feel Strong, Gaze Softly

Flow With the Breath


Open to Sensation

Heart Centre

Follow the Breath

Putting My Feet Up

Finding Balance


Exhibition Artwork by Sharon Rubuliak

A Cure for Alzheimers Disease
Threads of Hope

R is for Rooster
For the Birds

Gender Bias
On the Bias

After the Storm
20/20 Vision

After the Storm

Great Blue 2

Great Blue 2

Sans vert
Botanical Reflections

Sans vert

In the Clover
Circles and Lines

In the Clover

Circles and Lines


FOIL: Foil of Leaves

FOIL: Foil of Leaves

Dancing LIght

Dancing LIght

Making a Home at Buffalo Jump
From Away

Making a Home at Buffalo Jump

Glory Day
On the Wind

Glory Day

Refreshing - Leaving it cleaner than you found it

Refreshing - Leaving it cleaner than you found it