About Gay Walker

Gay Walker I make fibre art for the delight of playing with interesting materials and the challenge of creating intricate designs with luscious colours and vibrant values. Inspiration comes from many sources, often aided by photos I've taken: landscapes, natural objects and events, memories, random doodles with drafting tools - and sometimes just by letting beautiful fabrics and other materials suggest designs. With a Fine Arts degree, a career in scientific illustration, a Creative Crafts Certificate from Sheridan College and numerous classes with leading textile artists, I've enjoyed putting all that training to use for many years as a teacher of non-traditional embroidery and quilting (especially Colourwash.) While I enjoy inventing geometric patterns for large pieced quilts, I'm really a miniaturist at heart, preferring to work on everything from wall hangings right down to postcard-sized pieces that often go to family and friends for special occasions. These smaller projects give me an excuse to play with all my favourite techniques: making fabric collage, stitching elaborate embroidery by hand or machine, creating opulent surfaces by layering sheer or shiny fabrics and threads, and beading or embellishing with found objects. Awards have come my way, and some of my pieces hang in private collections. There is such a blossoming of fibre art these days, it is exciting to share this creative explosion with fellow FAN artists!

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Website: walkerrg@telus.net

Artwork by Gay Walker

Two Postcards - Detail

Two Postcards

Mount Rundle in Banff - Detail

Mount Rundle in Banff

Mount Reka in Norway - Detail

Mount Reka in Norway

Hot Stuff

Bergen Blues

Chessie - Detail

Chessie on the Garden Steps


Exhibition Artwork by Gay Walker

There's a Bird in My Bath
For the Birds

The Dawn Chorale
For the Birds

Variations on a Seasonal Theme

Twenty Questions
20/20 Vision

Twenty Questions

Salmon Run

Salmon Run

Spring Run-off

Spring Run-off