Threads of Hope

Threads of Hope is an exhibition exploring our hope, longing and desire for the future of the world. This exhibit is available for booking from May 2020 through May 2023.

"Do you long for a peaceful, harmonious society and a healthy earth?  Do you desire reconciliation, forgiveness, unity, healing and balance?  Do you hope for positive solutions to any of todays issues?"

In this exhibit FAN artists express world issues that are meaningful to them.  The art pieces flow from one to the other with a 'thread of hope' connecting them, thus completing a line of artists, joining forces to improve our world.

A Cure for Alzheimers Disease
By Sharon Rubuliak

A Message From the Past
By Bonita Rozander

A Seat at the Table
By Theresa Shaw

Accentuate the Positive
By Rosalind Sims

By Jaynie Himsl

Always Hopeful
By Marie McEachern

Bees and Seas
By Dianne Firth

Biospheres Threads of Hope
By Donna-Fay Digance

Build Bridges ... Not Wars
By Eileen Findlay

Circles of Hope and Joy
By Terry Aske

By Margaret Jessop

Cycle of Life
By Diana Bartelings

Double Helix
By Anette Cameron

Earth is a Gift
By Krista Zeghers

End of Innocence
By Sandra Melnik

For The Children
By Yvonne Rempel

Give Peace a Chance
By Robin Fischer

Global Connection
By Yvonne Carlson

Global Warming
By Thelma Newbury

Goal = Success
By Karlie McChesney

By Shel Hein

Homeless 2
By Carol Seeley

By Diana Bartelings

Hope Fulfilled
By Cindi Plant

Illusion of Choice
By Krista Zeghers

Interconnecting Roots
By Margie Davidson

Leaves are the hope for the planet
By Janet Bednarczyk

Lets Clean Up Our Oceans
By Thelma Newbury

Loose Threads
By Pat Moore

My Love
By Elaine Filyk

Never Ending Thread
By Margaret Jessop

Oil Canadas Blood
By Joyce Brown

On Thin Ice
By Nancy Riemersma

One More Time
By Janet Scruggs

Peace For All Nations
By Linda Ingham

Pele Rises
By Karen Arends

Renewal of Hope
By Janet Harper

Research is the Key
By Judy Leslie

Rise from Darkness
By Anette Cameron

By Susan Greenwell

Rivers Lakes Oceans
By Emilie Belak

Save the Whales
By Jan Clark

Self Seeders in the Garden
By Susan Selby

Show Love for our Planet
By Vivian Kapusta

Solar Wind
By Christine Earl

By Linda Van Gastel

The Other Side of My Rainbow
By Dawn Piasta

Thin Red Line
By Linda MacKay

Threads of Hope
By Laine Canivet

Threads of Hope
By Christina Thomas

Threads of Hope for Environmental Change
By Yvonne Bilan-Wallace

We All Bleed Red
By Coreen Zerr

Weaving the World
By Karen Johnson

What Is Hope
By Michele Craigen

World of Peace
By Barbara Root