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Chromatopia is a FAN exhibition inspired by Picasso’s monochromatic works in his blue period. Each artist was challenged to explore their own individual theme through the creation of two monochromatic textile artworks using two assigned colour hues.

The exhibition visually explores the colour spectrum while preserving the unique individualistic style of each artist. Each set of 2 pieces (which will be hung in columns of 2), are textile/fibre pieces that reflect a unique theme of the individual artist depicted through two distinct monochromatic colour schemes. Each work is a 12” x 12” x ½”monochromatic canvas-wrapped textile/fibre piece. Pieces move through the spectrum in one direction on top and the reverse on the bottom. Together the exhibition will visually impact the viewer by the representation of the colour spectrum through both the upper level artworks and the lower. The viewer will be drawn to the distinct themes explored by each individual artist while supporting the inclusivity of the spectrum.

This Exhibit is available in venues from June 2021 until June 2024.


Whispers and Dreams-Autumn - Whispers and Dreams-Spring
By Sharon Allman

Forest in the Morning Glow - Forest in the Evening Glow
By Karen Arends

NYC Library Lion
By Terry Aske

Salmon Tales In The Wild - Salmon Tales On The Farm
By Diana Bartelings

Leaf Blue - Leaf Orange
By Janet Bednarczyk

Gnome-In My Secret Garden - Bird-In My Secret Garden
By Yvonne Bilan-Wallace

Yellow Green Mandala - Yellow Mandala
By Joyce Brown

Red Rubbing Blue and Vice Versa
By Anette Cameron

Chroma Tulipia
By Laine Canivet

Purple Octopus - Red Purple Octopus
By Gisela Carroll

Green Moon Rising - Yellow Moon Rising
By Jan Clark

Orange Daisy - Blue Green Daisy
By Michele Craigen

By Margie Davidson

Transplant: Hearts in Abeyance
By Ranjeet Dhaliwal

Coastal Rose - Coastal Purple
By Donna-Fay Digance

The Optimist - The Pessimist
By Eileen Findlay

Blue Violet Swirl - Red Orange Swirl
By Robin Fischer

Transition 1 - Transition 2
By Leslie Forbes

Crazy About White - Crazy About Black
By Victoria Gray

Starry Starry Night - Sunny Day
By Susan Greenwell

Light Growth
By Janet Harper

Plants-Green - Plants-Yellow
By Jaynie Himsl

Flora-Orange - Flora-Green
By Linda Ingham

Sand & Sea
By Margaret Jessop

Sunset - Midday
By Christine Johannink

Low Tide 1 - Low Tide 2
By Karen Johnson

By Connie Kadey

Covid Conversations I - Covid Conversations II
By Angie Kok

Morning in San Gimignano - Evening in San Gimignano
By Judy Leslie

Horse of a Different Colour
By Linda MacKay

Whirling Dervish I - Whirling Dervish II
By Judi MacLeod

Amapola - Rosa Azul
By Marie McEachern

By Sandra Melnik

Coleus I - Coleus II
By Thelma Newbury

A Splash of Spring
By Marianne Parsons

Alpine Spring Greens - Alpine Blazing Sunset
By Colleen Peake

Chromatic Echoes
By Cindi Plant

Fruit & Veg 1 - Fruit & Veg 2
By Yvonne Rempel

Hand vs Machine: A Study in Stitch
By Bonita Rozander

White Lichen - Black Lichen
By Janet Scruggs

Purple Prairie Forest - Pink Prairie Forest
By Susan Selby

Circles and Lines Yellow - Circles and Lines Green
By Lilly Thorne

Prairie Field Spring - Prairie Field Summer
By Cathie Ugrin

Variations on a Seasonal Theme
By Gay Walker

Night Watch - Morning Song
By Judy Weiss

Blue Ammonite - Pink Ammonite
By Nan Williams

By Valerie Wilson