On the Bias


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Each artwork in this exhibit is a personal exploration of the theme ON THE BIAS.

Bias can be negative or positive, conscious or subconscious, scientific or philosophical.  It can also be a play on words, which, for textile artists, has a special meaning. When fabric is cut “on the bias” diagonally across the grain, it is more fluid and has greater flexibility and drapability.  Bias-cut edges don’t fray!  

As humans and artists, we are familiar with the concept of bias as it applies to society, politics, or the environment, and also to interactions with our family, friends and neighbours. Bias is generally thought of as negative - prejudice in favour of or against a thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair. But we all have people, places or things we prefer - bias is part of the richness of life.

A Tribute to Walk a Mile in a Ribbon Skirt
By Kathleen Watts

All Together Now
By Laine Canivet

Arch Biases
By Susan J Jensen

Art or Craft
By Donna Polos

Basic Bias Earth Sky
By Helen Berscheid

Bias Beleaf
By Barbara Macleod

Biased Landscape
By Donna-Fay Digance

Biased View
By Christine Earl

Black & White and Shades of Gray
By Linda Ingham

Bridging the Gap
By Bonita Rozander

Celtic Love Knot
By Victoria Gray

Choices Made - Door Number One, Two, or Three
By Linda MacKay

Colour Bias
By Robin Fischer

Curves Gone Wild
By Terry Aske

Dandelions' Drops of Sunshine
By Yvonne Bilan-Wallace

Darkness Or Light
By Janet Scruggs

Deep Roots
By Margaret Inkster

Dignity & Respect
By Thelma Newbury

F 5
By Karlie McChesney

Facing Biases
By Margaret Jessop

Gender Bias
By Sharon Rubuliak

Hidden Bias
By Sharon Allman

I Am Biased
By Judy Cruickshank

By Donna Stockdale

It's not all Smiles
By Christine Johannink

Judgement Day
By Sandra Melnik

Lateral Fifth in Red, Yellow and Green
By Judi MacLeod

Life's Breath
By Wilma Brock

Light Will Triumph Over Darkness
By Dale MacEwan

Nurture and Grow
By Carol Seeley

Old Growth
By Margie Davidson

One = One
By Marie McEachern

Opa Day
By Angie Kok

Queen of the Bias Cut
By Karen Johnson

By Joyce Brown

Rise Above
By Brandy Maslowski

Rummaging in the Woods
By Anette Cameron

Seeing Red
By Nancy Riemersma

The Eyes Can't See
By Nan Williams

The Hidden Shame of Colonialism
By Diana Bartelings

The Race for Herd Immunity
By Judy Leslie

The Unbiased
By Darlene Bayley

Town and Country
By Theresa Shaw

By Michele Craigen

Women Leaping into the Future
By Paulette Cornish

Women of Colour
By Marianne Parsons

Words Count
By Janet Harper

Words Fail on a Bias
By Susan Selby