• Serenity
  • Dancing to the Light
  • Going in Circles
  • Peeled Bark
  • Sea sisters
  • Cultural Chaos and All That Jazz
  • Two Postcards
  • Passage to the Chartre Rose
  • Tulips 2
  • Garden Gate
  • Peggy's Cove
  • 30 = C
  • Ornamental Crab in Four Seasons
  • Wild Geese Calling
  • Variations on a Grid #2 Paper
  • Reflecting on Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Giant in the Forest
  • This is Me!

Welcome to the home of Fibre Art Network (FAN)!

 We currently have four exhibits available to travel. Click on the images below to see the collection of fibre art within each exhibit. 

For more information about booking an exhibition please contact FAN's Venue Coordinator.

2020 Vision


Conversation poster

  The exhibits below are designed to suit guilds and other small venues.

Circles and Lines

Circles and Lines Poster

From a Tiny Seed

From a Tiny Seed poster

 Check our Events page to find an exhibit location near you!

Please visit our Gallery of Fibre Art Network artists. 

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